Everyday Athletics

I've been seeking to complete a few ideas that require a summer vibe. As we all know winter is coming and I can't ask athletes to run around in shorts and tshirts for much longer without risking someones health. Monday was one of those beautiful blazing days where Galway truly blooms, but the weather app on my phone indicated the coming week would be grey and overcast with showers aplenty, awesome. Upon closer inspection however, it looked like the next morning was getting the all clear until midday. Reaching out to Brian Keane and Paul Dermody the night before secured their time and we met in the A.M to grab a few shots around town. 

This style is something I've always admired in advertising photography. With firms like Nike and Adidas pushing this aesthetic more and more within their fitness divisions it was easy inspiration to draw from. The photographic elements support the promotion of the fitness lifestyle as it uses a grassroots and more humbled look which is relatable to everyone who trains. Utilising our surroundings, and a single dumbell plate, we covered lunges, bulgarian squats, core exercises, sprints, spider pushups and lateral pull ups, amongst other great exercises that anyone can do, no gym membership required. 

I mapped out our locations the day before, observing where light was falling and estimating how long we would have in each area before conditions would change. Within an hour the shoot was all but finished and I'm very pleased with the results. I already have a heap of ideas and tweaks I would make in preparation and I hope to be able to give this style another shot before summer vanishes completely. 

Thanks for looking.