Feat: Peter Von Toy

Fortune favours the drunk, and after several glasses of wine, our dinner party decided to regroup at a wine bar for further palaver. Goodluck doubled-down when we were told that Peter Von Toy and Tom Portman were going to be performing that evening. Tom is an incredible guitarist and songwriter who gold plated my attention span when he began his instrumental passages and lapsteel guitar technique. Prior to that the 90's rasp timber vocals and rock guitar style of Peter Von Toy made it apparent that we were getting a very special lineup of talent that evening, the jackpot was hit. 

I was a bit too ragged to be making any arrangements but Amy laid the groundwork and discovered that they were going to be playing in Galway a few days later. We arranged a brief portrait session with Peter and Tom but we were cutting it too close to photograph them both so you can expect more when I sync up with Mr.Portman soon. 

Follow Peter's journey on his facebook page over here as he continues on to South America for our Winter months.